Monday 30 November 2020

Our latest quiz night is now on YOUTUBE!

Second time's a CHARM! And we were most charming on our online quiz night last Saturday. Annie Sup and I welcomed Kitty Cassis, Donna Landy and Andy Onions onto the live stream and hundreds of people tuned in live! There were jokes, laughs and - you know - occasionally questions too. Click the pic to view the quiz, as recommended by Boris J and everything. You'll need a pen, some paper and probably a little tipple to get you through it. Comments and thumbs up MANDATORY!

(That means you must do it - not to be confused with Boris J: Man-Da-Tory.)

Sunday 29 November 2020


Hey! I'm so HAPPY to welcome you to my brand new website blog thingy! Take your time and have a look around, there's plenty to see. I'll be updating this every week with the latest Angela Bra news but you should DEFINITELY sign up to all my socials and be the fan you know you should be!

Love you all, Angela Bra

Buxton Fringe Shows Confirmed

This year, both Annie and I are going big time in Buxton with no less than 7 performances across July. Tickets available here . I've als...