Tuesday 14 December 2021

Snow Business like Snow Business

 Oh my festive GOSH everyone, it's been aaaaages since I last updated you on my goings on. I can't lie, I've been super busy since the pandemic left my school alone long enough for me to actually go in and teach some recorders. And then there's all the gigs I've been doing. Let me tell you.

So Bop and Bingo has been touring most weekends and I've been micro-waving everywhere from St Helens to Widness to Tyldesley to anywhere else in the Greater Manchester area that loves splodging numbers with a felt tip and taking part in historically accurate Club 18-30 inspired games. The year's concluding with a Christmas party in Hyde just down the road from me this Saturday and is not to be missed! Get your tickets now from the very glossy FB event here.

I'm now two shows deep at Square West's music and comedy night here in Glossop and it's going great guns. We've had eighteen year olds singing Nirvana, show tunes, a song about the chip shops of the local area and a few solidly super stand-ups in the mix too. Most importantly, we've got an audience who don't mind singing along - and telling some of my very amazing jokes last week which I'd taped to Aldi's finest Christmas crackers. No expense spared! The next one's in January now so if you want a spot drop me a message.

Square West have also got me hosting their festive fact festival next Wednesday on Dec 22nd with my mate Annie-Sup. There'll be questions, games, dancing, drinking and a first prize of a £50 voucher! If you want to bring a team give me a shout.

Have you seen me on there recently? It's proper crazy good. Christmas jokes are coming soon so subscribe if you haven't already! You could also join my Facebook whilst you're at it.

I've got a bunch of gigs booked in for the new year already but I'll talk about them another time. Work is going well on my spectacular 2022 festival show, which I can now reveal will be called Angela Bra: Life Lessons.Expect to see it all over the country next summer, including a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe!

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