Festival Shows

Angela Bra: Social Calendar Girl (new for 2024)
Sex & Relationship Education is on the timetable and award-winning drag queen, Miss Angela Bra, is your supply teacher for this very special lesson on how to handle yourself in any social situation. With sing-a-long parodies, pun-loaded storytelling and an actual gameshow, it’s a class act that’ll tick-all your fancies!

Annie and Angela's Dumbgenz & Dragqueenz (new for 2024)
Following a disasterous pub crawl, 40-something BFF’s Annie Sup and Angela Bra fall through a lipsync-hole into a parallel dimension of musical comedy tucked full of swords and sassery. Are they for real? I’ve seen Stranger Things...

Angela Bra: MicroRAVE
Her daughter’s left for uni and singer/songwriter, rising star on social media and part-time primary school music teacher Angela Bra is home alone. Which can only mean one thing, it’s time for a house party! Join Angela for a drag-powered musical comedy of pop and puns as she prepares for the ultimate kitchen disco. The food’s in the fridge, the drinks are on ice and she’s invited all her Facebook friends to join the event. What could possibly go wrong...

Nominated for Best Comedy Show at the 2023 Buxton Fringe
"A fun, silly and wildly entertaining show" - The Lancaster Guardian

Annie and Angela's Disco Divorce Party
Forty, single and ready to mingle; join lifelong friends Annie Sup and Angela Bra for a drag-infused comedy of musical mirth celebrating friendship and new beginnings on a bar crawl full of O M gosh moments you’re unlikely to forget. With original tracks influenced by everything from hiphop to early nineties rave you’ll visit a cocktail bar, meet the local DJ and witness this try-hard party pair’s vision for the future.

Winner of Best Musical Comedy at the 2022 Morecambe Fringe
”....extremely talented and engaging performers...I was laughing from start to finish (when I was not singing along)...one of my fringe highlights.” - The Lancaster Guardian

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