Sunday 28 February 2021

On it Online

I know I say it all the time, but O M GOSH guys, WHAT A WEEK!

Well, two weeks actually since my last post but I can't help it if I've been too busy to write. So, yes, a lot has been happening in my world recently and I want to tell you all about it.

First up, gigs. Three of them to talk about. 

The first was for my good friend Donna Landy, technically taking place in Weston Super Mare but no doubt actually hosted on a server in China. I opened this little Pride fundraiser with some rollicking tunes and a few perfectly performed puns. The other acts were marvellous too. The Zoom audience numbered two and hid behind switched off cameras but them that like to watch through Facebook more than made up for it and some proper nice funds were raised. MARVELLOUS.

The second show was for the AMAZING Sonia Aste in virtual London and I headlined this one. The Zoom room was packed for this jolly and Sonia kept the energy up with big signs saying things like "applause" on them. Subtlety is for WIMPS! I got my groove on and fired my automatic pun-gun into the lot of them and heard the wonderful sound of slightly clipped distorted laughter in return. WIN! Money raised for charity too on this one. Charity begins at home in lockdown, or at least on your home computer.

The final show was MINE! Yes, yes, YES! Clash of the Tight Tens is BACK people with "trident tested" material from my favourite performers. Ali Woods, Lucien Jack, Alice Frick and David Eagle all belted out winners and the Zoom room cheered. I did a spot of MCing, mainly commenting on the angle people were viewing the show from. 

Was it funny? 


...from whichever PERSPECTIVE you looked at it!

Oh dear.

Elsewhere, Annie and I hosted another Bonkers Quiz Night with Donna Landy as our special guest. She did better than the last time she played - scoring exactly 0.5 more points! Andy Onions was on top form as usual and our 90's Cool Britannia music round got people proper nostalgic - even if nostaligia isn't quite what it used to be.

And finally...TikTok! More ticks on the tock for my latest round of Comical Punishment. No green screen on this batch - more like a ropey disco in your local with a fancy lady chucking out the laughs between glasses of house white. Come and follow me, it's a RIGHT LAUGH!

This week coming the gig front is quiet but there's another quiz on Saturday and another Tight Tens the week after. I've also had confirmed my own Glossop Comedy Festival will be back this October. Stay tuned to see who I invite to this very exclusive house party in the top room of my local.


Monday 15 February 2021

Shows! Shows! Shows!

Oh wow, wow, WOW. WHAT A WEEK! I know, I start every other one of my blogs like this but, y’know, got to keep the plates spinning if you want to keep dishing out the drama of life.


Last week it was all about the socials. The Insta is up, the Facebook is up and the TikTok is now tipping 300 followers like an enthusiastic tourist. 300 followers isn’t that much in TikTok land, many might say, but that Greek bloke only had 300 men and they did pretty well. Well, until the last five minutes anyway. 

This week though it’s all about the LIVE! Yes, well, not live in person obviously but live through the internet. This Friday I’m doing my first FESTIVAL PREVIEW on the Zoom at the invitation of President Obonjo. I know my songs but everything else is on a clipboard for the while. Learning lines is hard. I’m a MUSICIAN not an ACTOR! The only lines I’m any good at are the ones I have to write when I’m stuck marking children’s work. Good effot but clarinet is spelt with an i not a y. Smiley face. (x30) GROAN. Anyway, I’m on for about 40 minutes from 9pm on a link I will send you if you write me an email.

The very next day, Annie and I have got Andy Onions and Donna Landy round our livestream for the latest episode of Angela Bra’s Bonkers Quiz Night. The music round theme is, “Cool Britannia,” and the bonus round features every mug in our house so it’s definitely going to be as AMAZING as ever. You can see the whole thing live on Saturday at 9pm here.

And as if that wasn’t already enough Angela for your weekend, I’m doing a GIG on Sunday night for Weston-Super-Mare Pride. There’s a VERY EXCLUSIVE audience attending in the Zoom room which I can invite you to if you’re very polite or you can just drop in on the live stream at 9pm here.


Anything else? Well, I’m please to say I’m HEADLINING a lovely little show hosted by my mate Sonia Aste on Feb 25th at 8pm but I’ll leave the rest of the details to next week. Annie and I are also hosting our own comedy show – Andy Quirk’s Clash of the Tight Tens Online on Feb 26th but that can wait a week as well.

As usual, here are some links for the socials. Subscribe! And read the weird and wonderful comments I get on TikTok in particular!






Sunday 7 February 2021

Tik, Tik, Tik Tok, Zoom!

WHOOP! Hey everyone, it's sooooo nice to see you back here again for another of my weekly updates. This week, things have been OFF THE HOOK like a landline that gets too many nuisance calls. Here's a little air-kiss to all of you my fans, whoever you are!

Remember to keep your mask on though, it's not just my laughter that could be contagious.

First things first. Yes, this time last week I was having a bit of a 'mare about my TikTok following of 23. This week the ticks have come into tock with 252 random people I don't know now keen enough on me that they want to see what I post next. WHOOPx2!

  Why? Well I'm a comedy genius obviously and people like 'Tik Toker', 'gazer of shoes' and 'Cool guy' knew it too and started tagging their mates into my post. Before you could say "don't knock the table!" viewers fell into my profile like dominoes. 

From the screengrab you can see there's some work to do on all the other posts but let's stick with the positive for now. I've made another nine videos to spin out over the next few weeks so make sure you're following me on TikTok, Instagram AND (not or) Facebook.

Last night Annie Sup and I were hosting our pub quiz gameshow once again, this time with special guests Charlotte Wynroe, Tom Short & Rhiannon and Andy Onions. Our camera actually came out quite nice this time so we don't look like we're transmitting from a Nokia in 2003. The music round's theme was songs with the word 'baby' in the title and in the final round, "Hair of the Dog?", everyone had to guess if the hair being displayed belonged to a dog or not. You can play along too here!

Anything else to report. ABSOLUTELY! I'm performing the first "work in progress" of my 2021 festival show, 'At Home With Miss Angela Bra', in two Friday's time on Zoom courtesy of the leader of Laughter Republic, President Obonjo. I'll probably be checking my notes throughout but if you'd like to witness the magic of developing a show (and plenty of jokes that won't make it to the final production) just drop me a message on one of my socials. It's forty minutes long and free!

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