Sunday 24 April 2022

Lowdown on The Crown

Thanks soooo much to all of you who came out and supported me at The Crown last Thursday. It was an incredible night and the performances by Lofty Heights, Cake Boy, Viagra Viola and Actavia Estee were all amazing. Congratulations to Actavia on her win and Cake Boy as the runner-up. Seven weeks of challenges have made me a sharper, wiser Angela and as several of my sets were created from scratch I now have even more to cram into my Edinburgh Fringe show this summer!
Competing ain't over though, I'm at The Eagle next Wednesday for their Drag Idol final and then Via the next day for their heat. Follow that with Bop & Bingo in Glossop on Friday (SOLD OUT!) and then Wigan on Sunday and it's pretty busy for Miss Angela B. Come and see me if you fancy it. I can promise no less than three songs, two costume changes and a granary-based prop (in the space of ten minutes!) for your time at either Drag Idol event.


Sunday 17 April 2022

The Final Count Crown

Blimey oh rhymey, my Lady Gaga one liners, a Papparazzi parody and a lip sync that had me on my knees (they're literally scuffed!) helped me claw my way into the final of The Crown on Thursday. Which means I'm back at The Brewers on Thursday 21st April alongside four other royally talented queens. I would love as many of you there as possible so if you can then come on down and watch me give the performance of my leggy life that would be amaaaazing.

The Brewers, Canal Street, Manchester
Thursday April 21st @ 8pm
Free Entry!

Sunday 3 April 2022

A Right Royal Rollercoaster


Oooh, look! Live dates!
Apologies apologies for the delay in updating my amazing blog for all of you but life is far too BUSY! As you can see from my neat little graphic, I have nine gigs this month + up to another three if I stay in contention for The Crown at The Brewers. That particular competition saga seems like a good place to begin.

Here's me joint-winning the movie week!
So I entered The Crown thinking it would be a heat and a final but nooooooo, it turned out I'd signed up to performing every week until April 21st in a Drag Race style event where one or two queens get eliminated each week. This is a BIG commitment but it's such amazing fun! 

Unlike comedy shows, where I usually knock out my tried and tested tens and twenties, The Crown demands new material on a different theme every week. So far I've made a song and dance about Beyonce on the theme of pop royalty, dressed up as a superhero for movie week and gone 90's raving as part of a dance through the decades. Clips of all of them can be found on my insta. This week I get my Freddie Mercury on in the Diva's round - come and see me from 7.30pm this Thursday at The Brewers, Canal Street. If I last two more rounds I'm in THE BLOOMIN' FINAL!

Getting me 50's on!
In non-competition news, Bop & Bingo has been going marvellously as always. We've done a sell-out show in Oldham to 150 crazy women, another sell-out in Middleton for Mothers Day plus a bunch of other similarly insane weekends. We've also moved into brunches and held our first one last weekend in Bury on a Grease theme. The ladies who came got properly trollied on the free bar and there was dancing, singing and a bit of bingo on the side too. I learnt the hand jive. Every day's a school day!

We've got loads of dates coming up for the bingo so if you want to join me, Annie and the rest of the gang just pop over here.

Also's, If you're near my little hometown of Glossop I've also got a few new things in the pipeline here: a new party night, Non Stop Pop Bop, and a new comedy night, Square Jest. Both are at Square West. Both will be AMAZING!

CLICK for the FB Event Page

CLICK for Info & Tickets

My other big news is that I'm OFFICIALLY TIKTOK FAMOUS! Well, I have 10k followers now which means I can unlock all the businessy stuff the Tok provides. Expect to see me endorsing shampoo and fashion lines in the near future. Maybe...

Until next time peoples...

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