Sunday 15 May 2022

So sorry for the delayed update but living the Bra-life is always more than a handful! Things have been crazy as ever and its only now I have the time to update on all the stuffs I've been up to.

The bathroom selfie says it all though. I've been here, there and everywhere. Yet, after two competition finals, a bunch of bingos, my own Pop Bop and my debut hour in Manchester's Village I'm still raring to go!

So let's start with the competitions. on April 27th I found myself at The Eagle for their venue's final of Drag Idol. It was plenty busy and the venue is a very nice place so I grabbed a pinot and settled in. I was on later in the night and did ten minutes of Angela magic which the judges were very nice about. One, who shall remain nameless, mentioned the name Honey G in the context of my Meal Deal rap. She is now on my detention list and will be dealt with firmly at some point in the futue. The other acts were very strong and, in the case of the winner, completely different to me. A proper glitzy queen of the sequins and showgirl variety. Annoyingly talented. The runner-up was also proper glamorous. Which left me to be the last of us placed - in third position.

Disappointed but not defeated, I headed to the Drag Idol heats at Via the next day and found myself in contention with the one and only Viola Viagra off The Crown and that. It was a hard fought battle but the judges ended up sending us both through to the final, which took place the next week. Where she promptly beat me. But I'm alright, nothing keeps Angela down for long. Except a bottle of Pinot.


Away from the comps, Annie Sup and I ran our debut Non-Stop Pop Bop in Glossop with disco bingo, party games and a 100% pop powered playlist. Them what turned up had a real nice time and I now know the beauticians of our little town should I ever need semi-permanent eyelash extensions or a squidge of filler. Marvellous.

And so that leaves us with Bop & Bingo and my debut hour just off Canal Street to talk about. The bingo in Glossop was HUGE, noisy and a little bit mad. I posed with three women and an inflatable willy then made everyone Micro-wave. Pretty standard to be fair.

The next bingo witnessed a one hour flying visit from me before I had to shoot off into Manchester to perform my show, Life Lessons, at The Cockatoo Club. A well nice venue with a stage just the right size for me and all my stuff. Due to some international singing competition going on at the same time the crowd could have been bigger- most of them were downstairs cheering on that Timotei viking boy with the long hair and beard - but me and my support group had a neat old time. One lucky birthday boy even got the knob of my unused cheese from my Queen tribute performance (you'll have to see that to believe it!) I look forward to coming back with my tweaked and twerked up second version with more crowd chat and less of me rattling on. I can't help it, but I'll try.

'til laters!

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