Thursday 13 May 2021

Shout Outs and Quizness

It's been a HECK of a couple of weeks everyone, I hope you're doing well. I've been on screen more often than bird poop and have discovered the rabbit hole that is the TikTok Q&A section. Alongside that, rehearsals have been numerous for both my own solo jolly, At Home With Miss Angela Bra, and double act performance with my mate Annie Sup, Annie & Angela's Disco Divorce Party. So let's get started, phew!

A couple of weeks ago TikTok asked me if I'd like to have a "Q&A" section on my profile where my followers could ask me pertinent and engaging questions about the inner workings of my mind. Every since I said yes I've been flooded with requests for shoutouts, birthday greetings and to call people "baka chungas," "poggers," and "sussy." Abandoning any illusions of cerebral potential I dived in and started to use all the weird filters, music options and subtitling available - with the dexterity of a toddler wealding a loaded paintbrush in one hand and a pritt stick in the other. Sometime a hundred people like it, sometimes it's over two thousand. I keep it real with the Comical PUNishment though. A joke you can dispense at work or on the playground every Monday, Wednesday and Friday guaranteed. Follow me here.

The TikTok puns were given a new outing yesterday when I appeared on the Zoom comedy show, Word of Warcraft. There were six of us performing plus the two MCs and a smattering of audience, which included a lady listening on headphones whilst coming home from work on the bus. Fare enough. My little set had, for the first time EVER, no songs in it and was a solid four minutes of bigger-trees, night-mares and dire-Rama's. I'll pop the set up here when the hosts send me a copy. For now you'll have to search the tok for the set up to those solid gold classics. It was good fun but I missed popping a tune in so I'm in no danger of becoming a stand-up (or, online, a sit-down) anytime soon.

This Saturday is the final online outing for Angela Bra's Bonkers Quiz Night, broadcast live at 9pm on Bonkers Bingo - The Tour. Ashley Frieze joins Andy Onions as the special guest contestants and you can join in too with a pen and pad of paper. Here's the all time leaderboard so far. We're chatting to a couple of places to take this thing live in a few months. Updates when I have them.

Rehearsals for our festival shows are going well and I'm sorting out details with venues linked to the Manchester, Camden and New Mills festivals and fringes at the moment. Admin admin admin...But it'll be worth it to see your smiley faces :)

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