Sunday 7 March 2021

TikTok, Festivals and another Bonkers Quiznight!

If I've said it once I've said it at least every other post by now, O M GOSH guys, WHAT A WEEK. It's all been going off all over the place in the last seven days, from news of actual LIVE shows to our online quiz and my first TikTok going through the six figure barrier!

So what's first? Well, I'll start with the socials as they are my natural home. On the Facebook my new page (the one that hasn't been locked down for no good reason) went into TRIPLE FIGURES this week. I know, AMAZING. And I even gained TWO new followers on Instagram. CRAZY TIMES! But good though these stats are they do kind of pale against my Tikety Tock activity. On Friday I put out the last of a bunch of jokes I'd recorded a couple of weeks ago. It was BASIC, it was UNSOPHISTICATED and it needed the punning ability of a semi-talented 9 year old but IT WORKED! So yes, your Angela now has over 1,000 followers AND a post with over 135,000 views. As a percentage of views to followers that 1 to.....really rubbish but it's still 800 more than I had on Thursday. WIN! You can see it and all my other killer one liners here.

Elsewhere, the Bonkers Quiz night hosted by yours truly and my mate Annie Sup happened last night. Lucien Jack, Alice Frick and Andy Onions joined us for the merriment and very merry we got too! Big shout out to all the peeps who joined us in the FB comments section throughout - you are part of team Bra and no mistake. We will see you again in two weeks for the next one. In the meantime, we're hosting another Clash of the Tight Tens comedy night next Friday at 9pm. More info on that one here.

And if that wasn't enough, I got an email from Ram Festival about taking part in their Derby-based lolathon in May/June. At Home With Miss Angela Bra will be live and loud in a venue to be confirmed assuming all goes well with the roadmap to unlockdown. I've planned 8 songs, 23 jokes and 3 costumes changes - including my new leopard print dress. Me-ow!

'til next time cupcakes...

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