Tuesday 11 October 2022

October Already?

Heyyy everyone, I'm so sorry not to have updated this sooner but life's got too busy to keep up with the blog! I've had gigs coming out me ears recently, four in four days as of yesterday, and I'm in the depths of recording my debuts album. If you want to see pics and vids of all my adventures hop over to my instagram and you'll find loads there. Otherwise, you'll haves to make do with these promo gig-type pics for the whiles. Love u all xx

My first night of hosting a night, DJing and performing was really amazing!

Such lovely promoters, I closed this show with a fabulous fifteen minutes

I love you QaJ, I love you Brum. twenty minute camp camp camp closing set

Bingo, bingo, bingo in all kinds of places recently

Ninety (count 'em) minutes of me coming your way in a few weeks in Blackpool

Competition Time

It’s competition season and I’m getting my quackers in a row for Drag Idol and, tomorrow, Purple Reign. There’s no necessity to do these thi...