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Oh lordy I have travelled SO HARD these past few weeks. Telford, Manchester and Oldham. I really have been living my best life! So get this. I'm fresh back from Camden Fringe with my best mate Annie-Sup and we're checking the diary and it's like "Telford, 8pm" and we're like "Where's Telford?" And we fiddle with the Google and it's bloomin' MILES AWAY . But we don't care, we're professionals. So we jump in the car and blitz the A roads of destiny until we reach the best looking beer garden in the north-midlands. The crowd is decent and the staff are LOVELY so we has a proper alcoholic drink and everything with our complimatary ticket and decide that once our show's done we'll watch Stevie Gray do his in the second half so we're definitely 0% when we're back in the buggy. Disco Divorce party makes people rock harder than the cliffs of Dover and every beat is accompanied by my heels a-tap-tapping on the very solid
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Capital Comical PUNishment in London!

Oh my gosh guys, I am SO SOOOORRRRY for my delay in updating this little blog of mine. I've been busier than an airport based in a country that's just be added to the red list. Shows, shows, shows. I've been flying high with my head in the clouds for sure! So a week last Monday I made my way by tube and train to Hackney Central to check out what it looked like since my mate Andy left there some years ago. A short hipster-hop on from there was The Glory , a fabulous drag bar in the direction of Shoreditch where I was to perform a set for Queer Comedy and its esteemed host, Lucien Jack. The show was AMAZING with every table taken at a ticket price that buys dinner out in Glossop...or one and a third pints in London. OW WOW WOW! The other acts were brilliant and there was much waving for my hit single, Nuclear Cooking Cave . I even got sent footage after of people bigging up my future Eurovision hit. Lovely. Top marks for the dressing room too - not a mop, crate of cleaning li

How Ludlow Can You Go?

Oh my giddy giggy gosh guys, what a week!  After another three nights in Buxton with 'At Home With Miss Angela Bra' and 'Disco Divorce Party', Annie and I were buzzing down the country lanes to Ludlow last weekend to play the final day of the Ludlow Fringe Festival. After trial by tractor and caravan we finally made it to this real nice market town and made our way past the half naked youth getting their chests out in the car park to Chang Thai - a Chinese Restaurant with a garden with our name on it. A garden gig is the right thing when it's so hot you could cook eggs on the tabletops so I cracked on with my solo show to an army of picnic tables and smiley people - many of whom had been stewarding events throughout the festival. I got to know teachers, retired people and willing participants in waving their hands and offering their knowledge of 5-a-day. During my costume change, the prerecorded track featuring Pinot meeowing sent a dog off the deep end but we had a

Buxton Fringe SOLD OUT!

Oh my giddy GOSH everyone, sorry for the delay in writing but I've been SOOOO busy preparing my shows recently. Last Friday, At Home With Miss Angela Bra made its live debut at Buxton Fringe Festival to a SOLD OUT crowd at The Green Man Gallery. The crowd were lovely, the songs went down a treat and I nearly remember all of my lines. Most of them in the right order. I pulled off my costume change at the end to reveal this very slinky little number. As tiger print goes it was roar than enough! A review popped up on the Buxton website the next day which also made me smile. A minor miracle given that Annie Sup managed to bash the reviewers toe with a chair as she helped accommodate the army of Bra-thers and sisters. I've posted it below for you to have a little peer through.  The gig calendar has got even more packed thanks to another date added in London. Here's the full list for the next couple of months. Ticket links and all that malarky are on the Shows page, just click a

Time to Tour!

  O-M-GOSH! I am SO SORRY everyone for taking SO LONG to update you on everything Angela Bra. I'm sure you have been going out of your MINDS with worry about when you'd get your next fix of the Missy Angela B. Well, it's here. Even if it is going to be kind of short. The reason I can't stay for long? Well, life's just got so BUSY! After a right old knees up in Chorlton a couple of weeks back with Bop & Bingo my energies have all been directed at my festival shows, At Home with Miss Angela Bra and Annie & Angela's Disco Divorce Party .  I've also knocked up a new batch of puns for the playground, water cooler or in your jim-jams if you're still working from home (I don't do PJ's as I'm proper classy - see pic) - which'll be all over the TikTok for the next few weeks. Like a school assembly, the shorter it is the more people like it so I'm making sure at least one in every three is less than six seconds long. YES, I am part of

Shout Outs and Quizness

It's been a HECK of a couple of weeks everyone, I hope you're doing well. I've been on screen more often than bird poop and have discovered the rabbit hole that is the TikTok Q&A section. Alongside that, rehearsals have been numerous for both my own solo jolly, At Home With Miss Angela Bra , and double act performance with my mate Annie Sup, Annie & Angela's Disco Divorce Party . So let's get started, phew! A couple of weeks ago TikTok asked me if I'd like to have a "Q&A" section on my profile where my followers could ask me pertinent and engaging questions about the inner workings of my mind. Every since I said yes I've been flooded with requests for shoutouts, birthday greetings and to call people " baka chungas ," " poggers ," and " sussy ." Abandoning any illusions of cerebral potential I dived in and started to use all the weird filters, music options and subtitling available - with the dexterity of a

Digital Dilly-Dallies

Oh wow everyone, it's lovely to be writing again. It's been a couple of weeks since my last update and I've been dancing my digits over the digital divide for hours on end to bring smiles to anyone open to the idea. I've applied for another bunch of festivals and had one confirmed in my newly-found hometown of Glossop for October. More news on those real life larks when they happen, but for now here's what's going on-line...including my TikToking (see pic for wise words on one of them - though you'll have to wait a week for the punchline as that's when I'm publishing it!) I hosted Clash of the Tight Tens last Friday to a lovely little audience and gave them a bunch of jokes and a little sing-song between the ever so talented acts. A repeat of the show is broadcast on the Bonkers Bingo Facebook tonight at 9pm should you fancy a laugh. I was also in my heels on this platform on Friday too, fronting their St Georges Day virtual parade (pictured). If you