Monday 24 April 2023

April Showers, A Deluge of Shows

April has been quite the month so far with anything up to five gigs in a single week. 

The bingo has been a ball as usual with plenty of alcohol fuelled females whooping it up, smacking the buff butler's bum and singing along to Believe as if their life depended on it. Mainly this has been with Bop & Bingo but I also found myself hosting Secret Garden Bingo in Skipton last weekend to 140 disco dabbers and out in Liverpool with Funnyboyz doing it Benidorm Bingo style.

The most memorable Funnyboyz of the month has to be the Disney brunch. An event which I duly turned up to as Alice in Wonderland to find all the other queens had decided the theme wasn't for them and had left it to our wonderful singer, Beth, to trill out the tunes as Elsa. The audience didn't seem to mind we weren't all princesses though - I guess they just Let It Go...

Beyond Merseyside, I've travelled even further since I last updated. Queer As Joke happened in Birmingham with a full stand-up comedy line-up with me closing the show. My nerves went into loop the loop when I clocked the entire Drag Race UK cast in the audience - performing in Birmingham the next night it turned out - but they settled soon enough when Danny Beard and co decided to leave early to get some drinks in and not one of them saw me wave tins of ravioli around or grate cheese. Hello to all my fab fans who'd travelled bloomin' miles to see me though. Queen of the people me. Yes.

Last week I also popped into The Brewers on Canal Street for the first time in a long time for the first heat of Drag Idol. I found myself competing with some solidly tip top ladies and made it through to the venue final with my pie parody and a performance of Heaven as an angel (NOT a fairy. I'm gender fluid, not fairy liquid.) The venue final is on May 3rd. Hope you can make it.

I'm off to open a comedy night in Southport on Friday (that means I'm on first - not cutting a ribbon with the local mayor) and then it's bank holiday bingos for the forseeable - plus a few more comedy nights at that all important Drag Idol show.

If you want to see what I get up to I'm now mixing up video blogs with my jokes and songs on instagram. Follow me online, not down dark alleys.

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