Tuesday 28 June 2022

It's been another wild few weeks for me since I last wrote. SO MUCH is happening. And is soon to happen. I'm a very happening kind of person. Yes.

When it comes to bingo I've got your number. And everyone elses. Bop & Bingo has taken me to Littleborough (cramped, chaotic, mad, people dancing on broken glass...you get the idea), Rawtenstall (posh, huge, an actual stage with monitors so I could hear what I was doing for a change), and a golf club outside Bury (easy going, fun, full of glamorous white haired ladies trying to squeeze the naked butler's bum). Annie Sup and I also partied at Thornton Hall Country Park with Bonkers Bingo and 80 people on picnic tables in a wooden marquee. I wore my biggest blockiest heels to contend with the gravel floor and it worked - and somehow I avoided the gas heaters setting fire to my bonce. Cool beans.

Away from the balls I did my first stand up set in AAAAAAGES at The Laughienda in Deansgate, Manchester. Lovely big crowd and top acts alongside me. Running Up Them Bills got its first live airing and I remembered nearly all of it. They also gave out half-frozen ice lollies to keep everyone cool which was dead nice.

Away from the live appearances I've been making more videos - both jokes for me TikTokkers and new music tracks. My latest, "I Wish Your House Was Neater" is doing right nice across the platforms with it's parody-take on Madge's La Isla Bonita. I'm dead proud of it, in fact so much so I've crowbarred it into my festival show.

Speaking of which, only two weeks to Buxton Fringe. Then it's Morecambe. Then it's Edinburgh. I did a nice little interview with On The Mic this week all about it. Read that here. For more info on the festival dates just pop over to me gig listings.

Love to you all, I'll write again soon!

Thursday 9 June 2022

Manchester, Buxton, The World!

It's been a grand old time since I last wrote what with festival previews, jubilee party hosting and a bingo in Royton to report on. Best to crack on with the story then and also chuck in the plans for July and beyond at the end of this update!

So my story this time begins in the function room of a restaurant in Royton with Bop & Bingo. Sixty or so crazy ladies were on the bubbly when I got there and we were soon elbow deep in dabbing action as Annie and I delivered the numbers and the laughs. We had both a 50th and 60th birthday party in which just shows everyone loves to call house whilst drinking it to banging tunes. For a change no-one got their nipples out in one of the games, clearly a classier crowd than usual!

Days later I was in Sheffield in front of a very different crowd for Viva Cabaret and a night of comedy from acts I ain't seen since the lockdown. They were proper good and The Discount Comedy Checkout did some borderline-genius improv in response to audience suggestions. Cross fingers I can come back because the pinot at their bar was actually pretty good.

Last week I was at The Ape & Apple for my preview of Life Lessons with Comedy Balloon. Both Cake Boy and Viola Viagra from The Crown came to watch plus a bunch of other people who seemed to know me even if I didn't know them. Oh the fame! Anyway, all fifteen of us had a good laugh and the MC commented it was the first time in his life his job had involved sweeping up a drag queen's cheese. Its a glamorous life indeed. The show came in at 1:03 - which is 13 minutes longer than it should be for Edinburgh so some editing may be required.

Once into the jubilee weekend things got hectic on the Saturday. I pootled my Micra to Buxton to open their Fringe Programme Launch Party with some micro-waves and exes on fire (come watch if you don't know what that means) and then spent ten minutes chatting to the organisers before hot footing back to Glossop and "Fit For A Queen" - a night at my local hosted by yours truly! 

I had expected drunken madness from the locals but it actually turned out to be quite a respectable affair. Based on previous experience, I had thought I'd get two songs in before I'd have to abandon my show and make jokes between people doing karaoke. Instead though they watched the whole bloomin' thing. One couple chatted to me and knew more about my activities than I did. Fans! Who read this! Whatever next!

Which brings me up to date to report that yesterday I hosted some amazing acts at Square Jest and agreed on new dates for my comedy shindig to the end of 2022. The same night Cheryl Hole of Drag Race UK / Versus The World fame wrote HEART HEART HEART on my latest Instagram reel. Which makes me happier than should strictly be appropriate of a lady of 33+10. Still, whoooo!

So what's coming up?

Lots but the big things are my festival dates:

Life Lessons @ Buxton Fringe, 8th & 9th July at 8.30pm. Tickets Here.
Disco Divorce Party @ Buxton Fringe, 15th & 16th July at 8pm. Tickets Here.
Life Lessons @ Morecambe Fringe, 30th July at 4pm. Tickets Here.
Life Lessons @ Morecambe Fringe, 30th July at 4pm. Tickets Here.
Life Lessons @ Edinburgh Fringe, 32 Below, 4th-14th August. 11.30am. Info Here.
Life Lessons @ Edinburgh Fringe, Bar 50, 15th-28th August. 11.30am. Info Here.
Disco Divorce Party @ Edinburgh Fringe, Bar 50, 4th-28th August. 4pm. Info Here.

Get your tickets now for Buxton & Morecambe. Show up on the door for Edinburgh!

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