Tuesday 8 March 2022

Taking my mouth down south

Heyyyyy my little cupcakes, it's nice to be back on the blog with an update of all things me! It's been a proper crazy few weeks of shows and socials, here's the news.

I'll start with my twenty minutes at The Adelphi in Leeds - a proper nice venue with properly terrible parking which I just about got to on time. I found myself opening an all-lady lineup alongside some properly talented people who'd travelled from as far as North Wales. And there was me grumbling about the hour's drive! The crowd was a nice bunch and I chatted with an alpha-female between the songs and jokes. Great work Jack O' Clubs Comedy! The reception was warm - which is more than can be said for my drive home across the Peak District in the snow. "Chilling out" in a tailback at the top of a hill for thirty minutes at midnight ain't so relaxing I'm telling you.

On the weekend Annie Sup and I went Bop and Bingo-ing in Stockport with a right rowdy crowd. I did my number calling, songs, jokes and all that but it was in my game, "Letter Go," where it got proper crazy. As usual, I called out a letter and my contestants had to get something from the audience beginning with that letter. Best selection wins. I said, "T!" One respectable looking middle-aged lady pulled up a similar looking mate - who promptly whapped out a bosom and shouted, "TIT!" Holding it like a death ray, the audience responded something wild and she won the round. Obviously. More bingo coming soon.

Which brings us up to date with my trip down to London and a thrity minute set in Lewisham at The Llama's Head. A proper glitzy little bar with a podium to perform on and some very spirited cocktails. My thirty turned to forty as between the puns and pop people kept arriving and I had to welcome them before telling them to shut up and listen to me. They was a nice bunch though and we bonded as only drunk people and a part-time primary school music teacher singing about microwaves can. Proper nice.

This week I'm competing in "The Crown" at The Brewers on Canal Street, Manchester. 7pm this Thursday. Be there!

Away from reality my socials have been blowing up again. A recent Tikky Tok is sitting pretty at over 610,000 views and my Insta has moved from averaging 6 likes to 60. Both have doubled in followers in two weeks so legs crossed that carries on. I should be at 10,000 followers on the Tok soon. Which means I can do ungodly new things on it so watch out!

Anything else? Yes! Both my solo show, "Angela Bra: Life Lessons" and double act with Annie Sup, "Annie and Angela's Disco Divorce Party" are now listed on the Edinburgh Fringe site. Mega!

'Til next time...

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