Sunday 25 April 2021

Digital Dilly-Dallies

Oh wow everyone, it's lovely to be writing again. It's been a couple of weeks since my last update and I've been dancing my digits over the digital divide for hours on end to bring smiles to anyone open to the idea. I've applied for another bunch of festivals and had one confirmed in my newly-found hometown of Glossop for October. More news on those real life larks when they happen, but for now here's what's going on-line...including my TikToking (see pic for wise words on one of them - though you'll have to wait a week for the punchline as that's when I'm publishing it!)

I hosted Clash of the Tight Tens last Friday to a lovely little audience and gave them a bunch of jokes and a little sing-song between the ever so talented acts. A repeat of the show is broadcast on the Bonkers Bingo Facebook tonight at 9pm should you fancy a laugh. I was also in my heels on this platform on Friday too, fronting their St Georges Day virtual parade (pictured). If you'd like to see that then it's still there. Have a game of footie, a roast dinner and a pint on me and Georgie boy.

Next Saturday Annie and I host our penultimate (and you'll need your ultimate pen) online quiz night with special comedy guests and another four rounds of questions that, if not already baffling enough, are doubled in challenge by the way we cavort around them over approximately 90 minutes. You'll find that on the Bonkers page at 9pm next week.

Elsewhere on the web, my latest TikTok has reversed the spiralling view-decline of my channel since the dancing vice-president of doom, Al Gore Rhythm, stopped punting my mirth onto the For You page over the past few weeks. The new videos are in super HD thanks to my new camera and budget ring light so you can see every last's just as well I've been perfecting the trowel method of makeup mastery. I've heard you need to be thick-skinned to be a comedian.

I also have some shows coming up in May which I'm not hosting. On May 7th I'm part of the amazing Reyt Proper House drag showcase (ticket link here) and then on the 27th I've got 15 minutes on the ever-so wayward Clogg Comedy. I won't be performing in clogs incidentally - I've found they make my performance rather wooden.

Until next to you all!

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Saturday 3 April 2021

April Wowers

April's here and all is well for yours truly and her ever-expanding punchline. Since I last wrote I've gone proper viral, been booked for two comedy festivals and have been blessed with my own fan site on TikTok. Mad!

So let's start at the beginning. You know that throwaway joke I made about being "bye sexual"? 200,000 views and counting baby! Which is about 197,000 more than most of my others but it's the gift that keeps on giving and the followers are stacking up as a result. Proof that if you want a hit just make a joke viewers can tease each other with.

Since this clip I've expanded my online offerings to four different types. Comical PUNishment remains at the core but this comedy apple now has Angela's Contrary Dictionary (complete with Nicolas Parsons tribute on the back cover), music videos and Angela Answers Anything. 

The last of these features my answers to all enquiries recently directed at me. These include challenging Paxman-level interrogations like, "Where did you get your name from?" and, "Do you like Yorkshire Puddings?" As I said, tough stuff. Making response videos helps me connect with my fans (who are known as cupcakes, bralets or Angelanuts depending on who you listen to), create diversity in my content and, most importantly, gives me a break from the hard work of actually having to think of jokes. Everyone wins!

Speaking of who you listen to, now I have followers in similar numbers to the Pied Piper of Hamlin (and, it appears, of similar age - BIG UP THE YOOF!) it was inevitable one of my wonderful cupcakes would set up their own fan account of me. Yes, this has really happened. So far there have been a string of videos featuring cut outs of me from across my online world backed by proper TikTok meme soundtracks. How AMAZING is that? Could go a bit a bit Fatal Attraction / Stan of course. So long as my followers remain doing it online rather than dark alleys all will be well.

And speaking of dark alleys...Well, not quite. But I am out LIVE this summer. IT'S OFFICIAL! 'At Home With Miss Angela Bra' is now booked for the Ram Comedy Festival on May 31st and The Buxton Fringe for two dates in July + another two dates with my mate, Annie Sup, for our show, 'Disco Divorce Party.' More info on the Shows page. I'll let you all know when tickets are on sale.

Right, that seems like quite enough typing, my nails are wearing out. See you all soon!

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